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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Chocolate wrapper for candy bar 12cm x 3.5cm

First, buy cadbury candy bar 12cm x 3.5cm HAZEL NUT or FRUIT & NUT. Weight about 40g. How many? Up to you, 50 or 100. It cost RM2.40 or RM2.60 per candy. Total cost, calculate yourself :).

Then take off the candy wrapper. Use ruler to figure out the height and width of the wrapper. For this candy bar: height = 11.2cm and width = 10.2cm. Design the wrapper using photo application like Photoshop 7, Paintbrush or Microsoft Publisher 2007. Anything u like to use. U need to learn how to design. Just find the info from the internet. After design u need to print it. U can use inkjet printer or laserjet printer. Print on regular A4 paper first. Print one wrapper. When satisfied then u can print on Matte Paper or Glossy Paper. U can get it at bookstore like POPULAR. U can print multiple wrapper on one A4 paper. Just setting it when you print. Cut your candy wrapper with scissor or paper cutter.

Last part, wrap your candy bar, glue the back side of the wrapper using glue or double sided tape. Job done.

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